FTTH Fiber Optic Preparation Toolkit

FTTH Fiber Optic Preparation Toolkit

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FTTH Preparation Tool Kit

  • [OPM] can measure 7 standard wavelengths 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625 / 1650nm, test range: -70dBm ~ + 6dBm, support lighting, auto power off, backlight selection, function of wavelength memory, user calibration support.
  • [OPM] Universal FC / SC / ST interface of 0.098 in, compatible with simultaneous dissolution of linear mW and non-linear index dBm. With SC / UPC (male) to LC / UPC (female) adapter.
  • [VFL] It is easy to accurately detect and locate fiber breaks, poor connections, bending or cracking. The principle is that the detector emits a bright 650nm light to trace, break or fault points on the fiber will refract the light. 30mW visual fault locator with strong red light battery output goes 20-30km away, high efficiency power circuitry enables stable power. Easy to change ceramic core. It will help extend the use of time.
  • [VFL] The detector's 0.098 in universal connector is designed for ST, SC, FC interferes with both circular and square shape of different fiber optic cables. Test for both single mode and multimode cables. And they have two modes: always light and blink.
  • [Cleaver] The SLK-6C is ideal for use with fusion splicing or other precision applications, setting a new standard for flexibility and performance. The SLK-6C is available with a single fiber adapter for individual coated fibers from 250 to 900 microns. It is a simple operation for the user to remove or install the single fiber adapter and toggle between ground and single fiber separation.


1. Calibration wavelength: 800 ~ 1700 nm.
2. Optical connector: universal interface FC / SC / ST 0.098 in.
3. Detector type: InGaAs
4. Measurement range: -70 ~ +10 dBm.
5. Accuracy: ± 0.05 dB.
6. Standard wavelength: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625, 1650 nm.
7. Screen resolution: 0.1% mW, 0.01 dBm.

1. Universal connector for FC ST SC interface
2. 650nm bright light 10Mw (Transmission distance 3.1-7.5 mi)
3. Great power, signal strength, light enough.
4. Metal casing, not plastic.
5. Small size, easy to use.
6. Easy identification of fiber break, bend, you can protect the fiber layer.
7. Fiber to end identification
8. Detection and optimization of complete mechanical connection points

Cleaver Cleaner 1. Dimensions: 2,807 x 2,646 x 2,244 in.
2. Weight: 7.94 oz without dustpan.
3. Coating diameter: 0.010 - 0.035 in (single) 0.010 in (tape).
4. Cladding Diameter: 0.005 in.
5. Bar length: 0.354 - 0.630 in (single fiber - 0.010 in coating); 0.394 - 0.630 in (single fiber - 0.035 in coating); 0.394 in (tape - up to 53.6 ° F).
6. Typical neckline angle: 0.5 degrees.
7. Typical blade life: 36,000 fiber blades.
8. Number of steps for Cleave: 2
9. Blade settings: rotation and height.

1. Telecommunications Engineering and Maintenance
2. CATV engineering and maintenance
3. Cabling system
4. Another fiber optic project

Package includes:
1 SLK-6C cleaner.
1 fiber optic power meter.
1 x 30mW visual fault locator (battery not included).
1 SC / UPC (male) to LC / UPC (female) adapter.
1 fiber optic cutter.
1 guide bar.
1 grinder clamp.
1 covered wire stripping device.
1 bottle of alcohol.
1 black bag.

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