About us

Tessca Store. is a virtual Store specialized in marketing products for telecommunications networks, energy, among other technological sectors.

We are a company of Canadian origin, we supply the products directly from factories located in China, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada

Every day we analyze the market and renew our catalog, for this reason you can always find in our Store products for the latest network architectures and communication systems.

All this allows us to monitor the market for products for telecommunications and energy, in order to keep abreast of all the news and innovations and offer our customers high quality products at the best prices.

Our quality control team thoroughly reviews the status of the products offered and, in the event that we have detected defective products, we operationally exclude these items from the assortment of our Store. We care for our reputation and offer only the highest quality guaranteed products.

Product storage conditions

The storage conditions of telecommunications and energy products is a factor Excessive humidity can cause corrosion and damage electronic components.Depending on the type of product and its destination, our products and accessories are stored in ventilated locations with temperatures from +5 to +22 ° C.

The main objective of Tessca inc., Is not to sell any product in any way. We seek to establish a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship in cooperation with all users and suppliers of Tessca inc.

Get to know us! We are your best friends in the telecommunications products market.